PNW Landscape Plant Guide

brought to you by the plant geeks at Calendula Farm

Alpine Rock Cress (Arabis caucasica)

Here’s a multi-talented beauty for tough locations. Arabis caucasica is found naturally in mountainous areas of far eastern Europe to the Arabian Peninsula. The typical species has white flowers in spring but we are madly in love with this one – ‘Little Treasure Deep Rose’. It blooms earlier than the other varieties (late winter) and sports brilliant fuchsia-colored blooms that smother the foliage.

Arabis is an evergreen brassica closely related to mustard, so it is salad-worthy. The plant looks better and develops fuller foliage if you cut it back after the flowers are spent. Take the trimmings in to eat, watch the plant thrive. It’s a win-win.

Place Arabis above a wall and let it fill crevices and creep along the rock face. Or plant it in an artfully arranged pile of rocks, or along a path border. It likes a lot of sun. It only gets about 4-6 inches tall and will spread into a carpet a couple of feet wide.

Evergreen + colorful + edible = delightful!