PNW Landscape Plant Guide

brought to you by the plant geeks at Calendula Farm

Black Salee Gum (Eucalyptus stellulata)

Yup, another hardy Eucalyptus. Cuz we really really like Eucs. Here’s something cool to know when you start exploring Eucalyptus – if it has the word ‘Salee’ or sometimes ‘Sally’ in the name, it refers to the habit of the tree being more shrubby in form, usually fairly short and with much branching starting lower on the trunk. E. stellulata is one of the hardiest species. Some of our cold hardy Eucs might get a little winter damage on a few leaves (which get replaced as new spring growth arrives), but E. stellulata goes through our PNW winters with its evergreen leaves unscathed.

Eucalyptus stellulata is one of the most elegant Eucs with delicately tapered lance shaped leaves that are soft light green with a light blue-ish cast, not the typical greyish greenish blue of many other Eucs. As the tree matures its rough, gray, scaly bark begins to peel off in big flakes revealing smooth light green, silvery gray, and ochre wood beneath in patterns of streaks and stripes. Year–round coolness!

For a ‘Salee’ type, E.stellulata is larger than most, growing to about 35-40 feet and it branches out quickly just a few feet off the ground. Similar to the form of a Vine Maple. It’s a great size for shade in an urban yard without getting too huge. And, like all Eucalyptus, it is evergreen.