PNW Landscape Plant Guide

brought to you by the plant geeks at Calendula Farm

Calendula (Calendula officinalis)

Calendula is our namesake because when we were starting our first nursery in 2002 we ran across a reference to a nickname for Calendula – ‘Sunshine For The Soul’. That was it. We have tried to live up to that name ever since. Calendula is a powerful healer, for the skin, for digestion, for the mind. It looks delicate and cheerful and is sturdy & self-sufficient. Given a few days of mild weather in winter, Calendula will seize the opportunity to bust out a bloom or two. We love every single thing about it.

Calendulas come in a wide range of orange, yellow, peach, coral, and burgundy combinations. They can be simple single flowers or dense, puffy double flowers. They are all good for therapeutic purposes.

We grow three varieties of Calendula. ‘Resina’ is considered the best for medicine with its high amount of resin, the active therapeutic ingredient. It is an all sunshiney yellow single flower. ‘Zeolights’ is a double flower with apricot yellowy orange on front and burgundy streaked with white and yellow on the backside. ‘Alpha’ is a single to semi-double flower in brilliant day-glo orange & high resin content.

Calendulas will cross breed with each other so you can get some unique new combos each year. They are a self seeding annual, but if you deadhead every few days they will keep blooming prolifically for months. Eventually they drop their seeds and new plants pop up. Happy in light shade to full sun. Grows to 12”.

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