PNW Landscape Plant Guide

brought to you by the plant geeks at Calendula Farm

Chilean Guava (Ugni molinae)

Ugh!-knee. What a fun and weird name for an incredibly cool plant! Guavas are native plants in various parts of South America. They are all in the Myrtle family which is a sign that their leaves are aromatic. This particular one – Ugni molinae is found in far southern coastal mountainous parts of Chile and Argentina. Their climate is similar to our Pacific Northwest coastal climate, so hooray for us, we get to enjoy growing and eating this beauty!

Chilean Guava grows as an evergreen, shrubby small tree around 5-8 feet tall and a few feet wide. Small, oval, glossy green evergreen leaves have a delightful fruity perfume when crushed. Small white & pink bell-shaped flowers appear in drooping clusters in early summer. These turn to ripe 1/2-inch, dark red fruits in September. So far, without exception, everyone we have offered a taste to tentatively takes a nibble, then their eyes go wide, a huge grin breaks out, and we hear “WOW! That’s amazing!”. It’s very sweet, with a mixed fruit flavor, juicy, and tender. The fruit and leaves are good digestive and cardiovascular medicine. Read more here:

It is happy in a large container, or on the ground with some sun, bright ambient light, or a little shade. Think east or west side of the house where the house or trees block the direct sun for part of the day.