PNW Landscape Plant Guide

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Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon)

There is one day a year when you almost certainly will eat cranberries, but considering how powerfully beneficial they are, you should eat them more often.

Cranberries are stuffed with vitamin C, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and many other compounds that give a body strong support in fighting diseases from cancer to heart disease to urinary tract disease and more. Here is an article from the NIH with great basic info and in-depth chemistry if you want to geek out out on it:

Cranberries can be grown in almost any sunny or lightly shady home garden where they can be watered over dry summer months. If you don’t have irrigation in your landscape, consider planting them near your vegetable garden which you need to water regularly & just add the cranberry plants to your watering cycle.

Cranberries grow as very thin trailing vines that root as they go so you will end up with a nice patch of evergreen ground cover only a couple of inches tall. Especially cool when planted atop a wall & they drape over the edge. Very durable and long lived to over 100 years. It takes a few years before you will get a significant harvest but it is worth it. In the meantime, they are a beautiful, easy, useful, year-round groundcover plant.

We always have plenty in stock. Find them in our Blueberry section along with all their other relatives like Huckleberry and Lingonberry.