PNW Landscape Plant Guide

brought to you by the plant geeks at Calendula Farm

Eucalyptus (neglecta) a.k.a. Omeo Gum

We LOVE growing Eucalyptus here. Partly, because it is such an unexpected plant to be growing here in the PNW – so that’s fun. It entertains us to watch them grow so stinkin’ fast, sometimes inches per day. We are easily entertained. And we love Eucalyptus because they are equally beautiful and functional. We currently grow 10 species that are hardy here and adding more all the time.

One of our favorites is Eucalyptus neglecta. Who doesn’t like a plant whose name tells you it thrives with neglect? E. neglecta is distinctive with its large oval leaves (not what you expect a Eucalyptus to look like) that emerge from branch tips in shades of plum purple, turning grey-green with age.

E. neglecta is one of the shorter species, reaching around 20 feet tall. It makes a great tree for parking strips where utility lines are overhead, providing a nice evergreen buffer from the street. Rough shreddy brown bark starts exfoliating to smooth greens and yellows with maturity. Leaves have a wonderful, strong, classic Euc scent with just a hint of fruitiness. You can freely harvest branches. It will grow new ones almost as fast as you take them.