PNW Landscape Plant Guide

brought to you by the plant geeks at Calendula Farm

Eucalyptus (parvula) a.k.a. Small Leaved Gum

Of the ten (currently) varieties of Eucalyptus we grow, Parvula is the hardiest along with Gunnii (Cider Gum). It grows slower than most other Eucalyptus which means you’ll only get 3-4 feet of growth per year instead of 5-7 feet. Yep, that’s slow growing in the Eucalyptus world.

Evergreen, with small, delicate, lance shaped highly fragrant leaves and wonderfully exfoliating bark that peels away in long strips of grey, green, and russet. Grows to a small 20-25 foot tree with a slight weeping habit like willow. The branching becomes more interesting with age, adding graceful and sometimes dramatic swoops and twists. The foliage is not super dense so it still functions as a nice shade tree but feels more open and airy. Pollinators love the blooms too!

Perfectly hardy in the Puget Sound area. It can be pruned into a multi-stemmed shrubby form very easily. Cut off branches & stems as often as you like to scent and decorate your home. Bright ambient light to full sun. It is near endangered status in its native habitat in south Australia around the Dragon Swamp. Now you want it, right? Who doesn’t want a tree from the Dragon Swamp?