PNW Landscape Plant Guide

brought to you by the plant geeks at Calendula Farm

Fig ‘Little Ruby’ (Ficus carica)

We grow a lot of figs. Over the years we’ve played around with at least 10 different varieties suitable for growing in the Puget Sound area but ‘Little Ruby’ really won our hearts and is the most perfect fig ever for growing in a pot on a deck, balcony, or patio.

‘Little Ruby’ is a cutie-patootie dwarf fig reaching only 4-5 feet tall. Its fruit is proportionally smaller as well, but they are not short on flavor & sweetness. Bronzy reddish skin with ruby colored flesh and they ripen in August-ish depending on how much sun and heat we’ve gotten. You might have to wait till September. Give your fig tree lots of sun to help the fruit ripen.

How to tell when figs are ripe for picking? They should feel very soft – almost like a water balloon. Many figs will produce two crops of fruit in a year but here in the PNW our winters lack enough light and warmth for the second crop to ripen. This second is called the ‘breba’ crop. If we were further south in California we would celebrate the breba, but here, they’re just kinda sad little unripe blobs. Let’s move on…

‘Little Ruby’ is in good company with our other favorites ‘Desert King’ and ‘Olympian’. Word on the street is that ‘Little Ruby’ was developed by the same retired biologist who created ‘Olympian’ in Olympia, Washington. If true, then this guy has bragging rights to one of the largest and one of the smallest figs available. Coolness!