PNW Landscape Plant Guide

brought to you by the plant geeks at Calendula Farm

Flowering Cherries

Flowering Cherry trees are among the most treasured plants in many parts of the world. In Japan, it’s kind of a national obsession. Washington D.C. has its Cherry Blossom Festival celebrating thousands of flowering trees throughout the city and parks & grounds around the capitol. Different species bloom at different times but the peak season is from late March to early April and here we are!

In Japan, there is a lineage of master gardeners who care especially for flowering cherries, called Sakura in Japanese. The current master is 95 years old and is called Toemon Sano. This is a name handed down generationally and is held by each master, so currently we have the 16th Toemon Sano. He puts his ear to a tree trunk and listens. He listens for its particular sounds of life and diagnoses the health and happiness of the tree from that and various visual clues. He loves all living things, but especially the Cherry Trees.< We grow the two most widely planted around the nation’s Capitol and its parks - Yoshino and Kwanzan cherries. Yoshino is in bloom right now and most of its soft pink buds have opened to pearly white blooms. Kwanzan will bloom in another week or so and mesmerize with dense, double-pink blooms. All flowering cherries tend to bloom heavily. It almost looks like someone poured buckets full of petals over the tree and they stuck to every inch of every branch and twig. Come see them in the nursery at Calendula Farm 10-5 Tuesday-Sunday.