PNW Landscape Plant Guide

brought to you by the plant geeks at Calendula Farm

Hakuro Nishiki Willow (Salix integra) a.k.a. Dappled Willow

This is an attention-getting four-season shrub that has a lot to offer in the departments of Aesthetics and Practicality.

The foliage is the best feature with new growth emerging soft baby pink and aging to bright green splashed with creamy white. Pruning or trimming causes it to push out more of the new pink tips.

In the cold months when the leaves are off, the stems brighten to a rich reddish burgundy. So even in winter it offers some cheerful color.

Like most willows, it grows fast so you can create a hedge of it in a season or two. Left unchecked it wants to grow up to about 8 feet as a full rounded, bushy shrub. It looks even cooler if you prune off the lower branches so it has just 2-4 bare trunks with a canopy of foliage above. It makes a stunning small tree in a large pot on a patio or deck, or in the ground. You can also keep it as a low mounding shrub if you are willing to give it a haircut a few times a year. You can prune a willow any time, any place, as much as you want without hurting it.
Like all willows, its branches make great baskets and are excellent in floral arrangements. Our local songbirds like nesting in it because of the dense branching.