PNW Landscape Plant Guide

brought to you by the plant geeks at Calendula Farm

Hollywood Plum (Prunus x salicina)

Hands down, this is our favorite plum. ‘Hollywood Plum’ is equal parts ornamental and functional. Like most plums, it flowers heavily in very early spring just as the leaves begin to unfold for the season, smothering bare twigs in delicate white & pink blooms. Overwintered hummingbirds fall madly in love with it and on the occasional warm early spring days we get in here in the Pacific Northwest, bumblebees come out & gather their first foods from it. Eggplant purple leaves decorate the tree through autumn.

After flowering the fruits develop quickly, becoming 2 ½ inch round, deep reddish purple plums that are usually ready for harvest later in June. As with most plums, the skin is tart and the flesh sweet and very juicy. This is an all-purpose plum for fresh eating, canning, jamming, drying, and saucing. Plums in general are nutrient-dense food loaded with minerals and antioxidant & anti-inflammatory anthocyanins good for gut health and immunity support.

‘Hollywood Plum’ is a self-fertile Asian type plum. It will also help pollinate other Asian plums such as ‘Shiro’ and ‘Santa Rosa’. It was developed in 1936 but its exact history has been lost. All we know is that someone somewhere cross-pollinated at least a couple of different varieties of plum and achieved this one we call ‘Hollywood’ and it has been propagated ever since. Whatever. It’s gorgeous and it tastes great.

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