PNW Landscape Plant Guide

brought to you by the plant geeks at Calendula Farm

Veronica ‘Georgia Blue’ (Veronica peduncularis)

Here’s one of our favorite ground covers for draping over walls and for trailing along the ground at the forefront of a garden or at the edges of a path. For cascading over walls, many people use Lithodora which also is evergreen and has eye-catching sky blue flowers, but can suffer from die out which ruins the look of a mass planting or evenly spaced repeated plantings.

Veronica ‘Georgia Blue’ is evergreen, perfectly hardy in the PNW, and blooms in mid spring to early summer with masses of small purplish blue orchid-like flowers atop a cascade of tiny serrated leaves. Planted on top of a wall, it literally looks like textured green and blue liquid pouring over the edge. It will flower sporadically in summer and a little more when weather cools in autumn. In winter, the foliage turns a beautiful bronzy purple mixed with deep green. It always looks good!

Veronica ‘Georgia Blue’ works in baskets or in patio/deck containers where it can spill over and then pick up the slack when showy annuals have come and gone. It grows happily in full sun or light shade (like the north side of a house). Water it, let it go, and enjoy it for years to come!